What is Toppik?




Toppik fibers are made of all natural organic keratin protein, the same protein that hair is made of. The fibers in Toppik are charged with static electricity so they intertwine with your own hair and bond securely. Just shake on the Toppik fibers, they stay in place all day, all night. It’s the “secret weapon” used by millions of men and women around the world.

Toppik is a natural, safe way to conceal the appearance of thinning hair and baldness. It can be very useful if you are thinning and want to have an illusion of coverage. It is effective for day 1-2 days as long that you wil not wash your hair,

Toppik uses something known as “micro-fibers” which, when applied, bind to your hair, making it look thicker. The fibers used by Toppik are made of the same protein Keratin that normal human hair is made up of. The fibers actually mesh with your hair so well that it’s nearly impossible to tell the you’ve done anything. Instantly you will see a more natual, thicker looking head of hair.


Not All Fibers Are Created Equal

Derived from a natural wool source, the premium keratin used to create Toppik Hair Building Fibers is nearly identical to HUMAN HAIR and allows the fibers to blend naturally and undetectably.Other Keratin fibers are derived from lower-grade sources like fish bones, nails and hooves, resulting in a texture and apperance that lacks in comparison to TOPPIK’S premium Fibers.

The natural Keratin used by TOPPIK has an innate static charge that ensures Fibers adhere to any hair type.Imitators made of cotton, plant-based materials and rayon do not have this natural static charge.Consequently, there is nothing attracting them to the hair, so they tend to clump, shift or fall onto the scalp and look unnatural.TOPPIK’S innovative technology allows the Fibers to resist wind, rain and perspiration.