X5 Hair Laser Comb Malaysia


The X5 conforms to the curvature of your scalp for precise laser light energy delivery. Use the X5 for 10-15 minutes just three times per week. You may see an improvement in the look and feel of your hair. This product emits a low level laser light – please refer to the “Explore the X5” page for additional product specifications. The X5 has not been clinically shown to treat baldness or promote hair growth. The X5 is not a medical device. This product has not been cleared by the FDA.

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Explore the X5 Hair Laser Comb

Large Coverage Area
15 Distinct points of laser light bathe your scalp covering an area over 9 square inches (23 cm.)

Direct Scalp Contact
Laser light is delivered by proprietary Laser Channels which make direct contact with the scalp. A floating membrane system insures that light channels conform to the shape of your head and scalp.

Cordless Operation
Now you can use this product while watching TV or moving about. One charge supplies power for several sessions.

Ergonomic Grip
The X5 incorporates a unique, highly ergonomic shape and design that allows comfort for your hand and lets your arm rest its weight during use. Because the product is comfortable to use, you may find yourself more inclined to use our product.

Real – Time Display
The X5 incorporates a convenient colored LCD display that shows the precise elapsed time of your session as well as the battery power remaining.

Affordable Price
The Spencer Forrest X5 Hair Laser is being offered at a special price of $199.

How the X5 Hair Laser Works

The X5 delivers 60 milliwatts of laser energy at precisely 650 nanometers to the scalp.
The X5 HairLaser delivers laser light directly to the scalp. It has the unique patent pending ability to conform to the curvature of your scalp during use for direct delivery of this energy.
We recommend that the X5 HairLaser be used three times per week for 10-15 minutes per session. The X5, with consistent use, may improve the look and feel of hair.


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